Victoria records highest increase in community transmission

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Paul Kelly, has outlined the “three weapons” being used in Victoria to tackle the growing number of COVID-19 cases.

Referring to the previous outbreak experienced in Tasmania, Professor Kelly said authorities learned “going hard and going quickly was important”.

“We looked at the three main weapons that we have, really, to fight this virus, in the absence of a vaccine, in the absence of universally effective treatment,” he said during a press conference this afternoon.

“And what are they? That’s the test, trace, and isolate component, which is being done, was done in north-western Tasmania, continues now to be done in Victoria.”

Picture: Lukas Coch/AAP

Professor Kelly said Victoria was utilising the first weapon – testing – bu carrying out door-to-door testing in hotspot areas, increasing mobile and pop up testing facilities.

“The second weapon is that social isolation piece, the lockdowns, so-called, which will come into effect in those parts of Melbourne, that was what was done in north-western Tasmania,” he said.

“And the third one is borders. As happened in north-western Tasmania, a decision was made as to where the main problem was, and to really concentrate the resources on those areas, to look at what needs to be done in retail, in those areas.

“To look at limiting movement outside of those areas, all of these things were done in north-west Tasmania, now rolled out in Melbourne. This is the way it has been played in many other countries in relation to these local responses to local outbreaks.”


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