Vexing questions about Coronavirus pandemic

Mar 20, 2020
By Martin Harris
New Zealand

A calculation was added into the table for the top five countries (plus S Korea) to put the number of deaths in perspective. Every death is a loved one lost. This is not to diminish the suffering that is being felt in any way. It is to provide perspective because perspective can ease fear and fear is as big an enemy as the virus right now:

You can get the latest numbers from the Worldometers site and/or for your own country as desired.

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New Zealand locked down

By Jo-Blogs
Mar 24, 2020

We’ve just gone into lock down in New Zealand where we have to stay at home.  While I agree with the government’s measures and accept that Covid-19 is a genuine pandemic – something is wrong.  To coin a verse from Shakespeare’s Hamlet; “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

That doesn’t mean I’m ignoring or minimising the threat of Covid-19 – we shouldn’t, but I have questions.  I’d rather ask the questions now and look silly in six months time, rather than keep silent about some things I’m discerning behind the scenes.  Forewarned is forearmed.

World Health Organization Warns That Coronavirus Poses A Greater Global Threat Than Terrorism

The bad smell emanating from Denmark is a mandatory vaccination for Covid-19 once it becomes available.  Yes, Denmark has passed legislation for it to be mandatory! Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law

Vaccinations should never be mandatory.  Will other countries try that on the populace?

Would New Zealand’s globalist, socialist parliament try it?  They’ve been ramming through unethical UN-mandated legislation ever since they got in to power.

What would it take to make a vaccine coupled with a Biometric ID mandatory and WHO would benefit?  Will the vaccine combine with ID2020, the universal digital Biometric identity?

Lets start with what we know:

  • Bill Gates wants population control and his interest is in vaccines.
  • The Gates foundation is one of the entities developing ID2020, the universal Biometric ID combined with a vaccine that the UN wants implemented by 2030.  The ID2020 partners, among other stakeholders, are Rockefeller, Gates, The UN, Accenture for the RFID chip and Gavi for vaccines.  ID2020 is described in an earlier blog post and it’s described below in the links.
  • The biometric data will be stored at Geneva.
  • WHO is at Geneva? The Word Health Organisation and GAVI – the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.  GAVI is supported by WHO, and needless to say, its main partners and sponsors are the pharma-industry.

The ID2020 partners

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Music Video ‘Dangers of 5G’

Music Video Dangers of 5G
Words and Music by Jalalo
Musicians: Jalalo, Steve Berry, Kamal Engels, Marley Berry-Pearce

5G Do Not Consent

5G was not my plea
Was given no consultancy – No
I Say No
Just want freedom and harmony
but it’s rolling out all over me – Whoa
I Say No
But we’re rising up across the world
To say – We Do Not Consent
We Say No … Do Not Consent

For 5G they’re killing trees
Endangering birds and the bees – Whoa
We Say No
Endangering our humanity – Whoa
We Say No
But we’re rising up across the world To say –
We Do Not Consent
We Say No … Do Not Consent

Given what’s at stake
We’re giving this our all
Won’t leave it up to fate
We’ll write it on the walls … (writing)
We Say No

We don’t want your smart cities
Your IOT and LED’s – No
We Say No
It’s invasion of our privacy …
We know And we say NO
A lockdown of humanity
And we do not consent
We Say No … Do Not Consent

Putting towers on our schools
And hospitals … it’s just not cool – No
We Say No
Tell me is there any proof to say it’s safe
We Say No
We don’t need more radiation
Leave our kids alone
We Say No … Do Not Consent

Mama says “NO” … Do Not Consent
Papa says “NO” … Do Not Consent
Kids say “NO” … Do Not Consent
Grandma says “NO”
Grandpa says “NO”
Bees say “NO”
We say “NO”

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Choose wisely

Informing others now is most important because we still have internet access and how people respond to what’s being perpetrated on man affects us all. Please share. Thank you.

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