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‘White art audience’ job listing prompts resignation of Indianapolis museum head

INDIANAPOLIS — The president of the The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields resigned on Wednesday, days after the institution apologized for posting a job listing seeking a new director who would maintain the museum’s “traditional, core, white art audience.”

The museum’s board of trustees and board of governors said in a public letter that Charles Venable’s resignation was “necessary for Newfields to become the cultural institution our community needs and deserves.” It said Chief Financial Officer Jerry Wise will serve as the interim president.

In the job posting, the museum said it was seeking a director to “attract a broader and more diverse audience while maintaining the Museum’s traditional, core, white art audience.” The posting sparked letters from a group of Newfields employees and community art leaders calling for Venable’s resignation.

Venable said the decision to use “white” had been intentional to show the museum would not abandon its existing audience as it worked toward more diversity. It was a bullet point on the fourth page of the six-page job description.

“I think the fact you can read that one sentence and now reading it as a single sentence or a clause, I certainly can understand and regret that it could be taken that way,” he told The Indianapolis Star. “It certainly was not the intent at all.”

In addition to the resignation, the boards announced a series of steps that would be taken.

“We will engage an independent committee to conduct a thorough review of Newfields’ leadership, culture and our own Board of Trustees and Board of Governors, with the goal of inclusively representing our community and its full diversity,” it said.

Newfields also will expand “curatorial representations” of exhibitions and programming of, for and by Black and Latino people, women, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community and “other marginalized identities,” the letter said.

The museum also will include additional free or reduced-fee days to increase its access, form an advisory committee consisting of artists, activists and members of communities of color “whose primary function is to hold leadership accountable to these goals,” ands continue anti-racist training for its boards, staff, and volunteers.

Newfields is the Indianapolis museum’s 152-acre campus which includes gardens and an art and nature park.


Dan Talbot, Influential Art-House Exhibitor, Has Died

Daniel Talbot, the renowned art-film exhibitor who ran New York’s Lincoln Plaza Cinema, and a longtime independent film distributor, died Friday morning in New York City. He was in his early 90s.

Ewneto Admassu, the longtime manager of the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, confirmed the death to Variety.

“He was like a father to me. It is a huge loss,” Admassu said.

Talbot’s death comes two weeks after it was first reported that the Lincoln Plaza Cinema was at the end of its lease and scheduled to close in January.

The six-screen Lincoln Plaza theater, which opened in 1981, is jointly operated by the building’s owner Milstein Properties and the Talbots. The facility is located in the basement of a residential building on the corner of Broadway and 62nd Street.

Milstein Properties, which has been the Talbots’ co-partners in the theater since its opening in 1981, stated earlier this month that it hoped to reopen the theater after structural work to the building.

The Talbots have been married for 68 years and had been key members of the independent film community since the 1960s. Dan Talbot managed the New Yorker Theater in the early 1960s and  founded New Yorker Films in 1965, starting his distribution efforts with the 1965 release of “Before the Revolution,” the debut film by Bernardo Bertolucci.

“I had no interest in distribution,”  Talbot told Variety in a 2009 interview. “I made him a very small offer and I got the film, and that was the beginning of New Yorker Films.”

Talbot followed up with art-house releases by Jean-Luc Godard, Ousmane Sembene, Werner Herzog and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. He also released Louis Malle’s “My Dinner With Andre” in 1981, and Wayne Wang’s “Chan Is Missing” in 1982. He closed down New Yorker Films in 2009.

“I think there’s less attention paid to the deeper, moral political issues that the great filmmakers dealt with in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s,” he said in 2009.

A memorial has  been scheduled for Sunday at 9:30 am at the Riverside Memorial Chapel, 180 W. 76th Street in New York City.

Talbot had been in declining health in recent months. He is survived by his wife and business partner, Toby Talbot, and by daughters Nina, Emily and Sara.



U-Roy, Whose ‘Toasting’ Transformed Jamaican Music, Dies at 78

U-Roy, who helped transform Jamaican music by expanding the role of D.J. into someone who didn’t just introduce records but added a layer of vocal and verbal improvisation to them, a performance that was known as toasting and that anticipated rap, died on Wednesday in Kingston, Jamaica. He was 78.

His label, Trojan Records, posted news of his death, in a hospital, but did not give a cause.

U-Roy, whose real name was Ewart Beckford, wasn’t the first toaster, but he expanded the possibilities of the form with his lyricism and sense of rhythm. Just as important, he took it from the open-air street parties, where it was born, into the recording studio.

“I’m the first man who put D.J. rap on wax, you know,” he told The Daily Yomiuri of Tokyo in 2006, when he toured Japan.

In 1970, his singles “Wake the Town,” “Rule the Nation” and “Wear You to the Ball” held the top three positions on the Jamaican charts. Those songs and his subsequent debut album, “Version Galore,” made him a star not only in Jamaica but also internationally.

His “inspired, lyrical, goofy and always swinging toasts” (as Billboard once put it) made him the king of the form, earning him the nicknames Daddy U-Roy and the Originator (although he acknowledged that D.J.s like King Stitt and Count Machuki worked the territory before him).

“He elevated talking and street talk to a new popular art form,” Steve Barrow, author of several books on reggae history, told The Daily Yamiuri in 2006. “So I think we can call him the ‘Godfather of Rap,’ because he did that on record before anyone was rapping on record in America.”

In 2010 U-Roy recalled his breakthrough with humility.

“Is jus’ a talk me have,” he told The Gleaner of Jamaica. “Is like the Father say, ‘Open up your mouth and I will fill it with words.’”

Ewart Beckford was born on Sept. 21, 1942, in the Jones Town section of Kingston. In his youth the music of Jamaica began to be disseminated by “sound systems,” groups of D.J.s and engineers with portable equipment who would set up for street dances and parties. A D.J. would introduce the tracks and fill transitions with patter.

U-Roy never made it through high school; he was D.J.-ing at 14. He made his professional debut at 19, working with the sound systems of Dickie Wong and others. Later in the 1960s he teamed up with King Tubby, who had one of Jamaica’s more famous sound systems and was developing the genre known as dub — bass-heavy remixes of existing hits that played down the vocal tracks and that left U-Roy plenty of space to toast.

“That’s when things started picking up for me,” he told The Los Angeles Times in 1994.

Duke Reid, a leading producer, heard him at a dance and brought him into the studio for his breakthrough recordings. He quickly stole the spotlight from the singers on the tracks, earning top billing and becoming a star in his own right.

In the late 1970s, U-Roy had his own sound system, in part to foster new toasting talent.

“That was the biggest fun in my life when I started doing this,” he told the magazine United Reggae in 2012.

His influence was profound. U-Roy and fellow Jamaican toasters provided a foundation for hip-hop in the early 1970s. D.J.s at parties in New York City, notably the Jamaican-American DJ Kool Herc in the Bronx, picked up the idea of Jamaican toasting and adapted it to rapping over disco and funk instrumentals.

In 2007, U-Roy was awarded the Jamaican Order of Distinction.

He released numerous singles and albums across a half century. His recent albums included “Pray Fi Di People” (2012) and “Talking Roots” (2018).

Information on his survivors was not immediately available.

U-Roy collaborated with numerous artists over the years, including some from Africa. In 2010, he still seemed surprised at the stir he had caused when he visited Ivory Coast on a tour.

“In the airport is like every customs officer, every man who work on the line, want to take a picture with me,” he told The Gleaner.

“If me come out of the hotel me have to have security,” he added. “Is a mob.”


Basic Principles of News Writing

Note: Content of this page authored by Chris Ulicne

Basic Principles of News Writing 

This blog provides tips for writing news stories, including style and ethics pointers. An entire textbook could be written on this subject, and several have been, this site is just a simple overview that gives enough information for a new reporter, or even a more seasoned one, to improve their writing and other journalism skills.

1. Lead Writing

Since readers may not have time to read an entire article, the lead of a story, typically the first full paragraph, should contain all pertinent information in the article. By reading the lead paragraph the reader should find the basic who, what, where, when of a story. In short, if the audience does not have the time to read every article in its entirety, the lead will give them a summary of the story. This goes along with the inverted pyramid model of an article, in which the most important information comes first, with the body of the article providing more detailed facts and analysis as well as secondary facts that may be cut out if necessary. A lead may begin with a snappy intro to capture the reader’s attention, but a simple opening providing basic facts can be just as effective. Don’t write a lead paragraph as you would write an introductory paragraph to an essay. There are differences in style and content. Here is an example of a typical lead:

A rabid dog attacked Greensburg resident Samuel Miller last Thursday, May 4. Miller was running near his Fort Allen home when a large Doberman bit his forearm and nearly mauled him before a passer-by intervened. The dog, which was not wearing a collar, was later caught by Animal Control.

2. Interviewing

– Research your article subject as well as the person you are going to interview beforehand so you can be prepared. Thorough research isn’t required but a basic knowledge of whatever topic you are writing about will show that you are professional and competent. The interview will run much more smoothly and the subject will be more willing to provide information if he/she thinks you are well informed. In addition, by knowing more about your source, you will be better prepared to come up with additional questions during the interview.

– Contact your source as soon as possible and, if at all possible, try to arrange to meet with them in person. If this is not possible, a phone interview is most desirable since email communication can be problematic. Interviewing a subject online can cause misunderstandings. It also means that the interviewer cannot come up with additional questions during the interview. The last problem of course is that your source may simply ignore an email, while a phone call or personal meeting is harder to dismiss.

– Always take notes but be sure to stay attentive to your source during the interview. This can be tricky so try to use a tape recorder, which means you can get accurate quotes without looking down at your steno pad and writing furiously throughout the interview.


Using quotes is one of the most important and essential parts of news writing. It is important not to simply tell the reader what has happened, but to illuminate the facts by providing quotes from multiple sources, including witnesses and experts on the subject of your article.

Balance your quotes so they are not all one-sided. If the majority of a crowd loved a particular performance make sure to show this through quotes, but it is also important to find that representative voice of the minority of people who hated the show.

Don’t quote facts, simply state them. If it is known that the national deficit is 4 billion dollars, it’s unnecessary to quote the secretary of the treasury when he mentions this in a speech.

Keep quotes in context. Don’t misrepresent your sources. For obvious ethical reasons, don’t pick and choose pieces of what a source says in an interview to create your own story. It is your job as a journalist to provide the clearest and most accurate story possible.

– Don’t introduce your quotes by summarizing them.
Ex. Presidential nominee John Smith is elated at the chance to be president. “I’m thrilled to be nominated,” said Smith.

– Do use quotes to illuminate the information provided beforehand.
Ex. The big oil company defends its monumental profits. “We do not create the high price of oil, the laws of supply and demand determine those prices,” said Joe Oilman, CEO of Big Oil.

– Remember to introduce your sources – correct example – “I’m not going to resign,” said secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld; don’t assume that the reader will know who you are talking about, even if it is a public official.

4. AP Style

The Associated Press provides an entire manual on this subject, so obviously I can’t go through every style point here; these are a few examples of commonly made mistakes:

The meeting will be held at 8 PM.
– When writing out times, use a.m. and p.m. – not that they are lowercased and have periods.

“I’m really happy that finals will be over soon,” said Sophomore Amy Smart.
– Don’t capitalize school years – freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.

The political science department will be having a barbecue for new majors, according to department chair Dr. Michael Moore.
– The title Dr. is not used in AP style.

Seton Hill’s commencement will be held Sunday, May 15th.
– When writing dates, use only numerals, don’t add “th,” “nd,” or “st”. Also, don’t write out the numbers, such as third or first.

The pharmaceutical company held a conference with Physician Joe Miller.
– Don’t capitalize job titles.

Punctuation for Quotes:
Incorrect – “I really enjoyed myself at the concert.” Said Greensburg resident John Doe.

Correct – “I really enjoyed myself at the concert,” said Greensburg resident John Doe.

Style Guide – Provides a comprehensive A-Z list of media writing tips and style guidelines from a professor at Middle Tennessee State University.

5. Headlines

The headline of a story needs to capture the attention of a reader as well as to reveal the substance of the article. Typically the first thing readers do when they pick up a newspaper is scan the headlines. The headline of a news story needs to be concise, specific and informative. It also needs to be in the present tense and contain active verbs. No periods come at the end of a headline and only the first word and any proper nouns should be capitalized. Semicolons and commas may be used. When placing a quote in a headline use single quotes instead of double quotes.

President held meeting
(Too vague and in the past tense)

President Smith addresses Congressional panel about gas prices

Church helped by service group
(Don’t use passive verbs)

Service club contributes time to local church

Man is arrested on drunken driving charges
(Don’t use “To be” verbs)

Man arrested on drunken driving charges

Headline Help – This link provides a detailed analysis of headline writing with a long list of Do’s and Don’ts.

6. Ethics

This is a loaded topic but there are some basic principles to adhere to. These links provide you with basic tips as well as case studies and articles.

Society of Professional Journalists – The Society of Professional Journalists provides an ethics manual as well as links to ethics case studies and journalism ethics news.

Pointers from Poynter – A great site with tips, case studies and articles. Especially useful are the “Guiding Principles” and “10 Questions for Ethical Decisions.”

Core Values – Gives 6 core values for credible online journalism.

Student Press and Free Speech – Link to page with almost 30 stories some dealing with censorship and legal cases. Interesting articles dealing with the tenuous nature of free speech in student press.

Legal Issues – The Student Press Law Center provides legal advice and assistance to student publications in the realm of freedom of speech and the press.


News Director – OMNI News

Come play a key role in building the future of Sports & Media! Everyone wants to be part of a transformational team – and that’s exactly what we’re building at Rogers Sports & Media. A team that innovates and a team that wins.

At Rogers Sports & Media we are committed to creating and growing teams that are digital-first, fast-moving and bold-thinking and are focused on delivering impact with everything they do. Our impressive collection of assets includes media properties, sports teams, sports events & production, venues, e-commerce platforms and a close connection with our Connected Home and Wireless team. Collectively, we touch 30 million of Canadians every month!

Not only is our business strong, but so is our culture. We genuinely care about each other and working in an environment that allows each of us to bring our best authentic selves to work. That starts with our firm commitment to a diverse, inclusive and safe workplace. We’re also dedicated to giving back by using our media megaphone to help Canadians who need it most. Our team is All IN on diversity and inclusion – find out more at www.allinforequity.ca.

As we grow our team, the well-being of our team members remains our top priority. To ensure the health and safety of our team members, including those in the recruitment process, our team members are working from home, and are equipped to do so safely and efficiently.

Are you up for the challenge and the fun?  If so, consider the following opportunity!

We’re looking for a Director, OMNI News!

Our News & Information team is looking for an innovating and enthusiastic News Director to lead our National OMNI News team. As an experienced news professional, you know what content our viewers want and how to deliver compelling stories. As a proven innovator, you know how to emphasize creativity over tradition. The Director, OMNI News will develop and oversee the overall vision and strategy for our various OMNI News properties working to deliver strong editorial and innovative news coverage across all platforms to reach our desired audiences. This role will also play a critical role on the News & Information team and contribute heavily to the overall success of our varied news brands from coast-to-coast.

What you will do…

  • Oversee the editorial news strategy and implementation for each of our language news teams across all regions
  • Assist in the development of the overall news vision and implement strategic and tactical plans
  • Lead OMNI news editorial direction, balancing the diverse needs of our audiences and regional landscape
  • Evaluate, build and supervise news leadership team for each distinct language which we broadcast
  • Responsible for all OMNI television and digital content and production
  • Give direction on digital assignments and ensure stories are targeted to specific platform and audience
  • Lead change and innovation in editorial content and news programming to increase competitive position, ratings, revenue and ability to support other news platforms
  • Provide leadership on journalistic, ethical and legal decisions
  • Manage a news team including coaching and feedback
  • Lead development of a positive, creative internal culture, consistent with Rogers’ values
  • Constantly monitor performance and trends with an eye to improve market position and deliver on OMNI’s unique mandate
  • Increase, improve and manage integrated editorial efforts with other Rogers Sports & Media news platforms
  • Create and manage revenue opportunities in news content through sponsorships and ratings
  • Build a strong network within the communities served by OMNI Television

What you will bring…

  • Deep experience in news, including experience on numerous platforms (eg. TV, radio, digital)
  • Progressive experience in leading complex and regionally diverse teams
  • Highly effective leader able to rally a diverse group of individuals toward a common cause
  • Successful experience leading change-management initiatives
  • Proven track record in developing and growing content brands
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills to effectively deal with multiple stakeholders, and excellent editorial judgment
  • Proven ability to make business decisions based on analysis of ratings & research data
  • Strong ability to influence stakeholders

Here’s what you can expect in return:

  • A competitive salary and benefits that include access to our Employee Share Accumulation Program, Retirement Benefits and a variety of other perks including 50% off Rogers services and Blue Jays tickets
  • A manager who deeply cares about your development and long-term career at Rogers
  • A team that trusts and wants to win together
  • Smart and accomplished colleagues who are focused on both the “what” and the “how” 
  • Flexibility to work from home even after the pandemic ends 
  • Your choice of hardware and software (iPhone or Android/Mac or PC etc.) 
  • As we grow our team, the well-being of our team members remains our top priority. To ensure the health and safety of our team members, including those in the recruitment process, our team members are working from home, and are equipped to do so safely and efficiently
  • Not from the city? No problem! Rogers invites candidates to apply no matter where you are located  as you will be working remotely



What makes us different makes us stronger. Rogers has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Everyone who applies for a job will be considered. We recognize the business value in creating a workplace where each team member has the tools to reach their full potential. At Rogers, we value the insights and innovation that diverse teams bring to work. We work with our candidates with disabilities throughout the recruitment process to ensure that they have what they need to be at their best. Please reach out to our recruiters and hiring managers to begin a conversation about how we can ensure that you deliver your best work. You matter to us! For any questions, please visit the Rogers FAQ.

Schedule: Full time

Shift: Day

Length of Contract: Not Applicable (Regular Position)

Work Location: 33 Dundas St. East (909), Toronto, ON 

Travel Requirements: Up to 25%

Posting Category/Function: Broadcasting & Editorial

Requisition ID: 211142


Posting Notes:  Media 

Job Segment: Manager, Network, Telecom, Telecommunications, Management, Technology, Research


Ex-CNN producer says Chris Cuomo’s ‘conflict of interest’ on COVID goes beyond his brother

As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ongoing nursing home scandal continues to generate headlines across the nation, a former CNN staffer feels the liberal network’s “conflict of interest” has also become national news and pondered if the governor’s kid brother should be allowed to cover the coronavirus at all.

Gov. Cuomo’s little brother, Chris, hosts “Cuomo Prime Time” on CNN, regularly providing a platform last year for the governor to appeal to viewers by conducting playful on-air conversations masquerading as news interviews at the height of the coronavirus pandemic’s early stages. The siblings famously joked about who their mother prefers, performed prop comedy and largely avoided lingering questions about the governor’s role in thousands of nursing home deaths across the Empire State.


Cuomo, who his younger brother sometimes adoringly refers to as the “Love Gov,” has been accused of withholding data on COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes to avoid federal scrutiny and even bullying political opponents. He is now facing intense backlash over the scandal, including a federal probe into his administration’s handling of the crisis

As a result, CNN announced last week it reinstated a ban on its 9 p.m. ET host, covering or interviewing his older brother. The original ban on Chris Cuomo interviewing big brother was lifted early on in the pandemic, a move that would tarnish CNN’s reputation. 

Steve Krakauer, a former CNN digital producer who now edits the Fourth Watch media newsletter, reported additional details on Monday.

“A source familiar with the matter expanded on it further to me, saying that the exception was made to create familiarity and comfort, but as soon as the story became a controversy, the appearances were stopped to avoid a conflict,” Krakauer wrote.


“In theory, this all makes sense, but it raises more questions and opens the network up to more issues. If Chris Cuomo really wanted to never cover the story, then he could no longer cover anything having to do with COVID at all,” Krakauer continued, noting that the little Cuomo sibling as recently criticized Republican politicians such as Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Cuomo’s show is aggressively and consistently about conflict – calling people in power out. That’s the choice he and CNN have made, but it makes his own conflict of interest more glaring then, when he refuses to even say the words ‘Andrew Cuomo’ anymore on his program,” Krakauer wrote.

CNN’s Cuomo finally mentioned the nursing home controversy to his brother after ignoring it during at least 10 on-air interviews since the scandal began, but the governor quickly pointed to how there were nursing home deaths “all across the country” and said “we have to figure out how to do it better the next time” before the next virus wave occurs.

Shortly afterwards, the governor stopped appearing on his kid brother’s show, so anyone who relied on CNN’s 9 p.m. program for information would be completely in the dark about the unflattering details that have emerged over the past several weeks.


“There has been no follow-up,” Krakauer observed. “The nursing home scandal, after months of relegation to right-leaning outlets only, has become national news. The conflict of interest at CNN is becoming national news too.”


bollywood news – Page 2 – dailybollywoodupdates

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Tagged bollywood, bollywood news, hindi movies, hindi songs, hot, indian songs, latest, latest songs, movies, new hindi movies, new indian songs, online songs, video, videos


Tagged bollywood, bollywood news, hindi movies, hindi songs, hot, indian songs, latest, latest songs, movies, new hindi movies, new indian songs, online songs


Tagged bollywood, bollywood news, hindi movies, hindi songs, hot, indian songs, latest, latest songs, movies, new hindi movies, new indian songs, online songs


Tagged bollywood, bollywood news, hindi movies, hindi songs, hot, indian songs, latest, latest songs, movies, new hindi movies, new indian songs, online songs


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Every firm should be judged on individual basis, says cinema owner

The owner of the Movie House cinema chain believes that if the public is not given controlled areas to spend time with their family or friends as the lockdown is lifted then “we will lose control”.

Michael McAdam said it was “dangerous” to mix sport and cinemas under the leisure banner, as each is different in its own right.

The Executive launched its roadmap out of lockdown on Tuesday and under ‘sport, cultural and leisure activities’, leisure centres and other indoor leisure facilities, including cinemas, could open at stage four of the plan.

Coronavirus Data Graphs

Mr McAdam felt it was wrong to categorise every business and believes the decision on whether they should reopen or not should be judged on an individual basis.

“It’s up to each of us who operate a business to convince those who make the decisions how we can operate our businesses. I think it’s wrong that every business is categorised,” he said.

“It’s not just from a selfish business perspective, but I think it’s important for people to see something happening.

“In stage one, four to six people can meet up, but where are they going to go and what are they going to do?

“Unless there’s going to be something that people can go to, I think people are going to become very depressed.”

In an effort to prepare his cinemas for reopening, Mr McAdam has installed sneeze guards at tills and ordered temperature scanners from China. He has also updated the chain’s software so customers can only buy tickets online, which will automatically keep patrons away from each other inside the screens.

“It’s all about trying to reassure customers.

“All in all, we have been looking at this the whole way through and even how we are going to get people to leave the cinema,” he said.

Speaking later on BBC Radio Ulster’s Evening Extra, Mr McAdam was asked about the feasibility of drive-in cinemas.

“When we knew the lockdown was coming I was investigating this, particularly at the Jet Centre complex in Coleraine. The problem is that you need a very large car park and there we could accommodate about 40 cars,” he said.

“From a commercial aspect that wouldn’t really be viable. But I don’t want to be the spoilsport here as I think it’s a brilliant idea.”

Belfast Telegraph


Vikrant Rona: Kichcha Sudeepa New Movie release date, cast, HD trailer video launch on Burj Khalifa, budget, images, posters, logos and reactions

https://www.googletagservices.com/tag/js/gpt.jsVikrant Rona: Kichcha Sudeepa New Movie release date, cast, HD trailer video launch on Burj Khalifa, budget, images, posters, logos and reactions | Zee Businesshttps://cdn.izooto.com/scripts/58a5cb49b3868b6ed182cd0496d712e8aa27e124.jshttps://tags.crwdcntrl.net/c/12844/cc.js?ns=_cc12844https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=UA-75361766-1https://cdn.zeebiz.com/html/js/jquery.jshttps://cdn.zeebiz.com/html/js/drupal.jshttps://cdn.zeebiz.com/html/js/jquery.min.jshttps://apv-launcher.minute.ly/api/launcher/MIN-81100.js

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Netflix to release new movies every week in 2021

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Duration: 04:45 1/15/2021

Streaming service Netflix plans to release one new movie every week in 2021. Yahoo Finance’s Alexandra Canal shares the details.

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Drive-in cinema predicts a boom after restrictions lift

A Hunter Valley drive-in cinema operator expects a post-coronavirus boom for outdoor picture shows in line with trends in Europe and America.

Key points:

  • Australian drive-in cinemas are confident of boosted ticket sales post-coronavirus
  • Industry trends in the US and Europe have seen a revival of outdoor picture shows
  • A Queensland drive-in has already re-opened and NSW operators believe it will be showtime soon

There are only three drive-in cinemas left in New South Wales, and Heddon Greta is the only one in the Hunter Valley, 40 minutes from Newcastle.

Operator Scott Seddon is confident people will be able to drive-in to watch movies in the open air before indoor cinemas open which, under the staged lifting of restrictions, could be July.

“Maybe before stage two we may be able to get permission to run drive-ins,” he said.

“Of course there aren’t any new movies to run and of course we will still have social distancing requirements because it has to be safe for everyone.”

Mr Seddon is also the president of Independent Cinemas Australia.

Scott Seddon in front of the big screen at the Heddon Greta Drive-inScott Seddon in front of the big screen at the Heddon Greta Drive-inScott Seddon has owned the Drive-in for more than 20 years.(ABC News: Kerrin Thomas)

He said drive-ins are proving popular overseas, as people become wary of confined spaces.

“In the United States and Europe, drive-ins are doing more business than they have done in decades and decades and decades, especially North America,” he said.

“You are seeing a whole generation discovering the drive-in that have never been there before and I think we could see a similar thing here.”

A large screen is shown above several rows of cars at a drive-in theatre. The sun is setting behind trees in the background.A large screen is shown above several rows of cars at a drive-in theatre. The sun is setting behind trees in the background.Canowindra resident Mary Goodacre said watching Bohemian Rhapsody at the re-opened Dubbo drive-in theatre was “fabulous”.(Supplied: Mary Goodacre)

The Yatala cinema in Queensland has already reopened and Mr Seddon believed it will be showtime sooner rather than later for drive-ins in New South Wales as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

Industry itching for a return

Actors, producers, directors and other movie stakeholders are nervous about the limitations caused by COVID-19.

Newcastle born actor Rachel Griffiths said she hoped the community will feel confident to return to cinemas once restrictions are lifted.

The reopening of cinemas is part of stage two of the Federal Government roadmap of a COVID-safe Australia, which is still weeks away.

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Ms Griffiths said she felt for many colleagues who have films ready for screening, but the uncertainty remains about when cinemas will reopen.

“You know hopefully people will feel that cinemas will be safe places and I know that exhibitors are working very hard to work out what that will look like.”

She said the industry was in a holding pattern with no-one making movies, TV programs or documentaries, and stage performances have been postponed.

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