Rapper YFN Lucci thought he was holding a prop gun. He was wrong

Rapper fires gun on set

Rapper YFN Lucci didn’t realise the gun was loaded.

Rapper YFN Lucci didn’t realise a gun was loaded on the set of his music video.Source:Twitter

Someone forgot to tell rapper YFN Lucci that he was holding a loaded gun on the set of his music video.

A video from the set shows the rapper being handed a semiautomatic weapon.

He seemingly assumed the gun was a prop, or at the very least not loaded.





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But while pointing the gun at the ground, YFN Lucci pulled the trigger and got the shock of his life when it fired.

Three assistants who were standing near the rapper at the time ran for their lives after the gun went off.

Shots fired.

Shots fired.Source:Twitter

WTF just happened?

WTF just happened?Source:Twitter

Check out the shocking video in the player above.


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