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Towards the end of 2020 some of the UK’s top Live Touring personnel formed MuSOS (Musician SOS) an online portal and 1:1 helpline for musicians and users of music technology (see our original news story here). Whether you had faulty software, hardware or needed advice on setting up and programming your kit live or in the studio, MuSOS members made themselves available in real-time, to help answer your tech problems, so you didn’t have to waste time surfing online for the answer. They’ve now been in touch to let us know how things have been going. Here’s what they have to say…

After a successful beta phase which saw interest from both pro and amateur users, MuSOS is now going a stage further and is introducing a bunch of extra features to supplement the main ‘Help’ service and meet demand.
Users can now ‘Subscribe’ Patreon style, to get discounted access to MuSOS to ask for help. They also get free regular ‘Posts’, ‘How To’s’ and ‘Tips’ that the collective recommends, covering many of the music tech subjects they use daily. On top of that, as a new ‘beta’ feature, MuSOS is offering a free ‘Line Check’ option to users, so that anyone not yet a subscriber, can ask for tech help and get an estimate from the ‘hive’. Whether its software or hardware related, they’ll assess your problem and advise free of charge.
Other new introductions also include ‘Sound Check’ a 15 minute direct 1:1 help option to get you up and running swiftly and ‘Kit Check’ an M.O.T for your studio or live computer, with MuSOS offering configuration and maintenance advice to keep those machines running smoothly.

Coupled with these features, there are plans for a new ‘video podcast’ where members of the MuSOS team discuss the problems (and solutions!) to recent help requests received on the site and pass on their gear and setup tips in each episode. The first of these will be broadcast on April 7th’

MuSOS’s Creators Say:
‘We really want to make this a great resource for musicians and live performers. Given our backgrounds and comprehensive experience, this could become a great go-to resource for anyone needing tech advice, as well as a ‘font’ for designing, building and programming a live rig or studio setup.
The real strength in MuSOS is still the live ‘tech-help’ page though, where you can land and ask for 1:1 help or advice immediately and in real-time, getting you working asap and back in the creative headspace. Coupled with the new features this makes MuSOS an interesting and growing resource, especially now, as musicians and performers take stock, and prepare for the resumption of future live shows”

The new service is beta live now and ready for questions!

You can ‘Follow’ MuSOS for free to gain access to posts and ‘Subscribe’ to receive discounted access and bonus content, both here:

To get direct 1:1 tech-help and advice visit:

For further MuSOS info contact:


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