Mackay artist recreates the extinct Tasmanian tiger

BENJAMIN is the name of a life-size Tasmanian tiger sculpture which has temporarily found a habitat at Caneland Shopping Centre.

Mackay artist Winka Von Fahland said she recreated the extinct Thylacine marsupial using historical photographs, measurements and ratios.

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Made out of paper mache, the sculpture was part of her last year of work towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Ms Von Fahland said the project was inspired by wanting to help conserve Australia’s wildlife.

“This poor creature’s demise was purely from men,” Ms Von Fahland said.

“The Tasmanian Aboriginals called it a ghost tiger because they didn’t eat it or hunt it – it was almost spiritual.

“(The tigers) disappeared at almost the same time as the Tasmanian Aborigines”.

Ms von Fahland said her sculpture was, in her heart, an ambassador to the extinction crisis that Australia is currently facing.

“It’s a learning tool,” she said.

“I encourage children to come have a look.”

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The sculpture is currently on display in the Artist Collective’s windowfront, located on the ground floor of Caneland Shopping Centre.

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