Letter writer wants monument to stay

Did you know the war between the states was not about slavery?

Slavery, we all agree was wrong. Despite popular beliefs, the south did not invent slavery. Did you know, the north once had slaves?

I am writing this letter to thank city councilman John Cason for supporting the non-removal of the Confederate statue at Hanover Park.

When the councilmen and women took office, they took an oath to follow all Georgia laws. The council members who voted to remove the monument violated the Georgia law that states, “No veteran monument can be removed or destroyed.”

Because the mayor and other city council members voted to remove the statue, the taxpayers of the city of Brunswick will be paying lawyer fees, plus court costs.

This statue was erected in the city of Brunswick on April 23, 1902, by the Ladies Memorial Association of Brunswick, Ga. The city of Brunswick accepted the monument 119 years ago. That monument was a part of Confederate history, and it should have been left alone. These were my ancestors. What will be the next monument to be taken down, Mr. Mayor? Think about it, citizens of Brunswick.

We elected officials to abide by state and local laws. This issue has only produced non-productive time.

Thank you again Mr. Cason for following Georgia law and doing what is right under the law. God bless you.


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