Corona Pandemic – How to Work From Home

With remote work now being an immediate shift companies around the globe have had to make as a precautionary and mandatory path to delay the spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19, adjusting to a work-from-home structure will take some getting used to for employers, employees and of course folks I produce and promote, musicians and artist.

It’s a dramatic change to go from one day you are hitting the live music circuit locally and internationally, sometimes performing 3 or 4 times a day and the next day everything shuts down – literally. No planes, buses, joint car rides, nothing, nada. The whole concept of get up and go has been changed to get up and stay home or why get up?

Music helps � Reflecting back – Average White Band at Sony Hall, NYC 5/25/19 Alan Gorrie, Onnie McIntyre, Brent Carter, Rob Aries, Fred Vigdor, Cliff Lyons and one of my favorite Drummers Rocky Bryant from our home town. Crowds like this are now considered back in the day. 🙂

Working From Home has its Challenges because the Work From Home Mindset is Different

In a lot of cases it’s not a case of going to work, its a case of waking up and waiting out the current Coronavirus Pandemic without a possibility of an income stream. Either way it is very easy to get distracted, focus on the negative when its truly out of our and your control.

Instead to survive and thrive we have to focus on what we can control not what can happen like:

  • You have your sofa to kick back and relax
  • Your binge on your Netflix
  • You binge of the Food and snacks in your pantry
  • Your child/children are begging for your attention
  • and potential to take a nap is a just a few steps away

It’s easy to fall into this state because in this fast-moving and unprecedented Corona virus pandemic world, who wants to hear the negative news. We don’t want to think about it and we end up in a distracted state of doing nothing due to anxiety. We get lazy and go to far to the other side of productivity and disconnect for to long and forget that life does go on and keeps moving forward.

But You Have to Focus at All Costs!

Nope none of this is taught in school or anywhere really. There certainly have been times that I slacked off and procrastinated, telling myself “I’ll do it after I binge watch one of my favorite shows of yes – Homeland on Netflix”.

Instead you have to focus. As a former work-from-home online IT, Telecommunications worker and consultant, business owner for over 20 years, your daily processes like discipline, exercise, social interaction with others, systems, and many other routines are the basis of staying focus. They now enable you to keep your eye on the prize.

You truly have to get focused like Carrie in Homeland. If you watched the show you know she was ridiculously focused. Nothing can get in your way.

Focus On What You Can Control

We can’t change what already is, but we can choose what to do with the given circumstances. At the end of the day, you control how you play. You control whether to make the most of your work days. You control whether to stream hours of productive or nonproductive YouTube videos or invest your hours into growing your business, your career and your mind with productive YouTube videos.

When Success Is Mandatory – Get Busy!!!

Put the lion share of attention on what we can control.

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