Celebrity Nip Slips: 30 Uncensored Wardrobe Malfunctions

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These Accidents Do Happen At Fashion Shows!

Supermodel Bella Hadid is used to draping on all kinds of outfits, but she probably wasn’t banking on a nip slip happening on the S/S 2018 catwalk for Alexandre Vauthier. She was as cool as a cucumber through the whole thing, earning the respect of Fashion Week veterans and the general public alike.

29. Jennifer Lopez And Her Daring White Ensemble

Jenny From The Block Should’ve Blocked That Nip!

The fiery Latina songstress isn’t shy on the red carpet, but we’re pretty sure she didn’t mean for this to happen at an LA launch party for her own brand! Fortunately, she handled the cleavage-baring incident in a calm and collected manner, so barely anyone except a handful of gossip sites noticed it.

28. Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Carpet Oopsie

Pasties Next Time, Please!

Red Sparrow actress Jennifer Lawrence wore this daring gown while promoting the movie. While the dress was absolutely gorgeous, you’d think her stylists would have the foresight to cover her up with some pasties in case of such boo-boos. It wasn’t a deliberate move on Jennifer’s part, so the public quickly forgot it.

27. Keira Knightley Has Some Atonement To Do

If Your Chest Is Small, You Can Get Away With The Occasional Slip

Keira’s familiar with bosom-baring outfits from her Pirates of The Caribbean days, but she probably wasn’t banking on her gown doing this to her for her role in Atonement. It clearly wasn’t a calculated slip by the actress, and her small chest made it a relatively tasteful display.

26. Maybe It’s Gigi Hadid, Maybe It’s Maybelline!

You’d Think Models Would Know How To Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

Nip slips must run in the family, as Bella’s younger sister and fellow supermodel, Gigi Hadid, suffered the same problem while shooting for Maybelline in New York. Is it honestly so hard to just put on a bra?

25. Rita Ora Did Not Leave Us Starry-Eyed

A Fashion Fail That Should Have Stayed In The Bin

The singer is clearly trying to make sheer turtlenecks a thing with this ensemble. Can someone please tell her that the star pasties are a bit too much?

24. Lady GaGa With A Fishnet and Feather Get-Up

It Was So Outrageous That It Felt Like Part Of The Costume

While she’s worn more ladylike outfits of late, the Just Dance singer has had a history of colourful outfits. This risque ensemble paired a fascinator with trendy platforms. People were so used to her outrageous costumes that this one barely merited a raised eyebrow!

23. Anne Hathaway In A Modest Dress That Saw The Light

The Dress That Launched A Thousand Lighting Warnings

No one expected that Anne Hathaway would don such a see-through outfit for the School of Rock’s premiere, and we’re sure she didn’t think that this was going to happen either! Let this be a lesson to all of us: check how your outfit looks in direct light before you step out!

22. Lily Allen With Her Daring Silver Jumpsuit

The Show Must Go On, Slip Or Not!

The British singer has tried a few daring concepts during her career, so pretty sure she could have prepared for this accidental slip during a performance at the 2014 V Festival! Fortunately, Lily just kept on going like a professional and didn’t let it get to her.

21. That Red Top That Kendall Jenner Should Have Ditched

A Display Of Sheer Silliness

As a supermodel, Kendall has learned to be comfortable in her own body no matter what she wears. We’re not sure this outfit was the best choice to wear on a casual day out though!

20. Behati Prinsloo Had A Knight To Protect Her

What Are Partners For?

When Behati signed up to be a Victoria’s Secret model, we bet she didn’t plan to bare this part of her body. Fortunately, husband and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine was there to cover her chest at the Vanity Fair party after the 2015 Oscars!

19. Gwyneth Paltrow Ditched Her Bra But Still Looked Elegant

Braless But Not Too Bold

You’d think that the Oscar winner and red carpet veteran would know better, but Gwynnie’s had her fair share of careless moments on the red carpet. This cream outfit, however, is sufficiently demure to make up for her braless mistake.

18. Sofia Richie’s Black Crop Top Showed A Bit Too Much

The Summer Slip Better Not Become A Trend

The model seems to be taking a leaf from Young Hollywood’s hottest stars by going braless. Wearing pants with it on a sunny day excused the otherwise-saucy top, but we hope she doesn’t make a habit out of it!

17. Milla Jovovich Is Unflappable Even In A Formal Nip Slip Incident

Smiling Through A Slip Can Excuse It…Sometimes!

Milla is also known for modelling haute couture and for being super comfortable with any outfit she’s given, but this nip slip seems like an accident to us. Her nip played peek-a-boo with guests at the Royal Albert Hall, but she was so stunning and she shook it off so easily that no one seemed to mind.

16. Kourtney Kardashian Was Not Afraid To Reveal All!

We’re Sure This One Was Planned

Kim Kardashian’s older sister Kourtney actually pulled this nip-baring outfit for us despite the sheer bra, probably because she balanced the flash of flesh with a modest trenchcoat and conservative pants.

15. Miley Cyrus In A Crop Top Disaster

It’s Not Her First Time To Free Her Nips

She shed her wholesome Disney image very quickly, but even the very risque Miley plans for her boob-baring ensembles. There were no sequined pasties or tiny tube tops to save her during this KTUphoria concert, but she was probably prioritising comfort over shock value in this one!

14. Angelina Jolie’s White Gown Whoopsie

Gowns Should Really Come With Emergency Covers

White gowns, and nip slips; name a more iconic duo! Clearly award-winning actress Angelina Jolie isn’t one to heed this advice, as she stepped out confidently in a nipple-baring dress that has whole Tumblr accounts dedicated to it!

13. Bella Thorne Is Always Trying To Get Our Attention

This Disney Darling Will Do Anything For The Paparazzi

The former Disney star is known for her revealing outfits and for having a pair of the most exposed celebrity boobs out there, so we’re pretty sure this nip slip was intended. The public’s pretty tired of her racy attire and Youtube antics, so to Bella, we say, “Give it a rest!”

12. Nikki Bella Had A Social Media Slip

Even A Story Slip Is Forever

WWE star Nikki Bella isn’t fond of wearing bras, so when she sported a plunging neckline for an Instagram story, her eagle-eyed fans were able to get screenshots of her nipple popping right out of her outfit! Even though she deleted the story, the screenshots went viral.

11. Nicki Minaj Needs To Hide Those Assets

This Was Avoidable!

Multi-awarded rapper Nicki is confident when it comes to her sexuality and attire, so it was only a matter of time before she revealed more than she bargained for on stage! The star accidentally flashed her fans last year at the Made In America Festival, and we don’t think this will be the last time for the Starship artist.

10. Kim Kardashian And Her Regular Nip-Baring Outfits

At Some Point, People Just Stopped Caring

The reality star has never shied away from controversy, whether it’s with her personal life or her fashion choices. She’s no stranger to uncensored wardrobe malfunctions. This picture is just one of many, and she’s had so many wardrobe malfunctions on the red carpet that no one’s really fazed anymore.

9. Emma Watson In A Revealing Red Carpet Moment

Poor Emma Was In Need Of Some Safety Pins

The Harry Potter star is normally pretty careful, even when she wears a slightly more revealing look. We’re not sure she planned for this wardrobe slip to happen, but at least she handled herself with grace and dignity!

8. Britney Spears Had A Neckline That Went Too Far

Hollywood Tape Belongs In Every Performance Kit

The Circus and Slumber Party singer is no stranger to risky stage costumes, but sometimes she slips up and reveals a little bit more than she intended. This wardrobe malfunction happened during a performance, so we really have to ask concert stylists: why aren’t you doing enough to secure your artists’ outfits?

7. Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Shocker

Justin Timberlake Should Really Apologise

Who could forget the embarrassment Janet Jackson was put through after Justin Timberlake exposed her on national television? When we said ‘free the nipple’, we didn’t mean being put through public humiliation like that. The worst part? He pretended that it was all part of the act.

6. Mariah Carey And Her Grocery Run Slip

Even The Queen Of Pop Has Slipped Up

The GTFO singer is known for her amazing figure and her classy demeanour, so we didn’t expect this to happen to her while she was running errands! Mariah is so elegant that even a malfunction like this doesn’t bother anyone, and it’s not like she was expecting the paparazzi to bother her while she was fussing over kitchen supplies!

5. Blake Lively And Her On-Set No-No

This Is Why Stylists Should Be Careful!

Blake’s top slipped just a little too low while she was on set, so we’re sure she didn’t do this on purpose. The Gossip Girl star hasn’t seemed to learn her lesson though, as this was just one among a handful of slips she’s had over the past few years!

4. Beyonce Had A Bad Fashion Moment

She’s Normally So Careful!

Beyonce has some hard-hitting choreography, and when that’s coupled with her sexy costume changes? It’s a recipe for a wardrobe malfunction somewhere down the line. We just didn’t think it was going to happen off the stage!

3. Taylor Swift Was Trouble When She Walked In!

Taylor Is Not Known For Baring Her Ta-Tas

I Knew You Were Trouble feels less like one of this singer’s titles and more like a caption for this outfit mishap, because she should have been more careful with this ensemble for the Victoria’s Secret Show in 2014! Fortunately, some strategically placed cloth managed to save her dignity.

2. Selena Gomez Wasn’t Planning On Showing That Much

Daylight Tends To Expose More Than You Think!

While Selena’s had to protect a very wholesome image in her Wizards of Waverly Place days, she’s been a bit less strict about her clothing choices over the years, and it shows! It’s highly likely that she didn’t think that her modest ensemble would get any attention here, but the paparazzi definitely noticed her bra-less get-up!

1.  Rihanna Turned Heads And Broke Necks

If We Ever Had A Nip Slip, We Hope It’s High Fashion Like This!

We’ll give RiRi a free pass for this slip at the 2014 CFDA Awards, but only because she carried it off with such stylish, Swarovski-studded aplomb! We’re not sure anyone else could have been as confident as she was is in that body-baring dress.

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