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Covid-19 Heightens U.S.-China Rivalry, New Report Says

The World Economic Forum’s annual report concludes that the pandemic threatens to widen income and other disparities within and between societies, increasing the risks of a further fracturing inside some states and in international relations.


Arizona battles a growing COVID-19 crisis

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Arizona is one of the nation’s COVID-19 hotspots, as medical professionals there are pushed to their limits fighting for the lives of their growing number of patients. CBS News correspondent Carter Evans reports.

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Visits to Hospital Services Restricted

In Turku City Hospital wards of Mäntymäki and Kaskenlinna, visits to inpatient wards are restricted for the time being from 18 December 2020 onwards due to the worsened coronavirus situation. Visits to critically ill patients, patients in palliative care and child patients are allowed if the visitor uses protective wear as instructed and complies with instructions related to hygiene.


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