Bollywood bathtub death: Star’s final moments

THE sudden death of Bollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor, who starred in more than 300 movies and was known simply by her first name, Sridevi — or even Sri — has left India in a state of shock.

She died unexpectedly in a luxury hotel room bathtub in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on February 24. The death occurred while her husband, Boney Kapoor, sat in the next room, watching television.

Although it was announced that the cause of death was a heart attack, the forensic report released by Dubai Police stated that Sridevi died of accidental drowning in a bathtub. Traces of alcohol were found in her body and water was found in her lungs.

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According to the Times of India, Sridevi’s sudden death has fuelled conspiracy theories and speculation about the circumstances of her death, prompting her husband and film producer Boney Kapoor to reveal what actually happened the night she died.

According to the Daily Mail, when Mr Kapoor found his wife’s body he panicked but did not call police until almost an hour later, instead calling his friend, Komal Nahta, a film critic, who later wrote an account of their conversation on his blog.

In the blog, Mr Kapoor says he decided to surprise his wife in Dubai where she was on a shopping trip, on the evening of what turned out to be her death. He said that in 24 years together they had only been apart while abroad twice, otherwise they always travelled together.

“The Dubai stay was the first time Sridevi was alone for two days in a foreign land,” he said.

Mr Kapoor booked himself on the afternoon flight to Dubai with the plan to surprise her in her room at the Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel. He reached the Dubai hotel at around 6.20pm, Dubai time, and surprised her in the room where he says they “hugged like teenage lovers and chatted for almost half an hour.”

Mr Kapoor freshened up and suggested they “go for a romantic dinner” rather than go shopping.

Sridevi, who had been relaxing all day, decided to go for a bath and get ready for the romantic dinner. “I went to the living room while Sridevi went to the master bathroom to bathe and get ready,” says Mr Kapoor.

In the living room, Mr Kapoor watched the cricket — then began to get restless around 8pm when he realised that — because it was a Saturday — there would be a rush in the restaurants.

He shouted out to Sridevi from the living room and after calling out to her twice, he lowered the volume of the TV set then walked to the bedroom and knocked at the bathroom door and called out to her.

He panicked and opened the door and saw “the tub was full of water and Sridevi was immersed completely, from head to toe, inside the tub.”

“Whether she first drowned and then became unconscious, or she first fell asleep or unconscious and then drowned, nobody will, perhaps, ever know,” the blog speculates. “But she probably never got a chance to even struggle for a minute because had she moved her arms and legs in panic while drowning, there would be some water spilling out of the tub. But there wasn’t a drop of water on the floor outside the tub area. The mystery will remain unsolved.”


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