Australia’s decision makers ‘faced with a vexing coronavirus conundrum’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg “get paid the big bucks” to work out the tough decisions, such as when they want the ball to get rolling on a post-coronavirus future says Sky News host Peter Gleeson. Mr Gleeson said, “what makes this issue so difficult for politicians and decision-makers is that it’s such a fast moving and unpredictable environment to be making big calls that can save lives and save livelihoods”. He said there is a “flip side” to that which if they get wrong, can “cost lives and cost livelihoods”. Mr Gleeson said if the “harsh and punitive restrictions” are indeed lifted, the result “will save jobs but cost lives”. However, keeping the restrictions will “save lives but cost jobs”. He said there is now a “vexing question” facing the nation’s leaders as to when “we entertain the prospect” of getting people back to a semblance of normal life. “It is obviously clear that what we are experiencing now will be firmly in place for at least another month”. Image: Getty


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